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The Conflict Research Group (CRG) is a multidisciplinary research unit at Ghent University (Faculty of Political and Social Sciences). We are primarily interested in the micro-level dynamics of civil conflicts and concentrate both on the impact of civil conflicts on local communities, and on the links between local and global dimensions of conflict. CRG's crosscutting analysis has led to the comparison of different geographical case studies, from Asia and sub-Sahara Africa to Latin America. Our research centres around three clusters: resources, governance and humanitarian aid.

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PhD course for september: September 8-11, 2015, University of Copenhagen.

Governance at the Edge of the State: Public authority and property in conflict environments


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Vacancy: 2 PhD Researchers (100%, 3 years)

Around the Caspian: a doctoral training for future experts in development and cooperation with focus on the Caspian region

Supervisor: prof. dr. Bruno De Cordier

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Undermining the State? Informal Mining and Trajectories of State Formation in Eastern Mindanao, Philippines. Critical Asian Studies.

In: Advance online publication. DOI: 10.1080/14672715.2015.997973

Boris Verbrugge

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Decentralization, Institutional Ambiguity, and Mineral Resource Conflict in Mindanao, Philippines

In: World Development

Boris Verbrugge

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Artisanal and small-scale mining: protecting those ‘doing the dirty work’ (IIED policy briefing)

In: London: International Institute for Environment and Development

Verbrugge, B., Besmanos, B., and Buxton, A.

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Political dimension of mining urbanism in Eastern Congo

In: Youscribe

Karen Büsher & Jeroen Adam

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Peacemaking and State-Society Interactions in Conflict-torn Mindanao, Philippines

In: JSRP Paper 18

Jeroen Adam, Boris Verbrugge, Dorien vanden Boer

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Work and masculinity in Katanga's artisanal mines

In: Afrika Spectrum 49 (2):3-26

Jeroen Cuvelier

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Arbiters with guns: The ambiguity of military involvement in civilian disputes in the DR Congo

In: Third World Quarterly

Maria Eriksson-Baaz & Judith Verweijen

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Armed groups and the exercise of public authority: the cases of the Mayi-Mayi and Raya Mutomboki in Kalehe, South Kivu

In: Peacebuilding

Koen Vlassenroot & Kasper Hoffmann


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Half-brewed: The Lukewarm Results of Creating an Integrated Military in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

In: New armies from old: Merging Competing Military Forces after civil wars

Judith Verweijen

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Hybrid Systems of Conflict Management and Community-Level Efforts to Improve Local Security in Mindanao

JSRP Paper 13

Jeroen Adam, Boris Verbrugge & Dorien vanden Boer

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Social network analysis and the de facto/de jure conundrum: Security alliances and the territorialization of state authority in the post-Cold War Great Lakes Region

In: Territory, Politics, Governance
(online advanced publication)

Judith Verweijen & Michiel van Meeteren

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Capital Interests: a Historical Analysis of the Transformation of Small-scale Gold Mining in Compostela Valley Province, Southern Philippines

In: The Extractive Industries and Society

Boris Verbrugge

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Neutrality, Party Politics and Community Mediation in the Central and West Terai, Nepal

JSRP Paper 12

Bert Suykens & Danielle Stein

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Land Disputes and Settlement Mechanisms in Nepal's Terai

JSRP Paper 12a

Danielle Stein & Bert Suykens

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The Boundaries of Evidence in Conflict Management and Peacebuilding

In: In Asia

Jeroen Adam

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South Kivu: Identity, territory, and power in the Eastern Congo (Usalama Project, Rift Valley Institute)

Koen Vlassenroot



The Conflict Research Group is part of the following networks:

  • Justice and Security Research Programme (more info)
  • Observatoire de l'Afrique (more info)
  • DRC Affinity Group (more info)
  • European South Asia PhD Seminars

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